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SmokymonkeyS 2016-08-16 00:10:59 No.28
Any topic about translation is here.

We are looking for people who can help us for translate the game and the website to your language. Now we only have the website's texts for translating, and the game texts will come after started the Closed Alpha.
Any your work will be online via Google Sheets. The base language is English and the sheets will open to EVERYONE who can help us the translation. Please access the sheet and edit it online. Hope this sharing work do well. Thank you for your help!

Traditional Chinese






Translation Generalnuevenuevo  2015-10-18 02:36:38  No.195
I´ve just finished a spanish translation. I´m not so sure about the connotations of the word "collectable" through, not sure if it just mean you can pick it up or it can be part of a collection (like in a stamp collection).
Translation GeneralSmokymonkeyS   2015-10-19 02:17:20  No.199
Thank you so much for your great work, nuevenuevo!
I'm going to make a spanish tab for this website. And I have a plan to put in-game translation page on the website in near future. Would be really nice if you help us for in-game texts too.
Anyway, thank you again for your help!
Translation Generalnuevenuevo  2015-10-21 01:25:03  No.205
You are welcome. It´s a pleasure to be of any help. How about the word "collectable"? Is it something you can pick up like a mushroom or is part of something like the monkey set in Triglav?
Translation GeneralSmokymonkeyS   2015-10-21 11:50:18  No.207
Oh I forgot about that. "Collectable" means "you can collect that", it's something you can pick up like a mushroom.
Translation GeneralJakatak  2015-10-29 19:25:39  No.229
Hello, french is done ...
Translation GeneralSmokymonkeyS   2015-10-31 21:25:01  No.230
I just saw that. Really thank you, Jakatak!
I'm going to make a French tab on this website and pages before the next testing. (Yeah, and I'm also going to make the Spanish one, of course.)

In future update, I will put the news text on each language's Google Sheet. It would be nice if you guys translate it to your languages.
Translation GeneralJakatak  2015-11-03 05:09:11  No.231
No problem, i'll be there , and how about the quest's texts ? Do you also plan to translate them ? Even for me it was sometimes hard to complete some quests. I understand it is not easy because it means to have some texts before other players ... Maybe you give them to certain people only when they have the quest done.
Translation GeneralPixel_It_Team  2015-11-04 22:39:34  No.233
Hello Smoky, I would like to offer me and my team to finish the translation to brazilian portuguese. And just a sugestion, instead of writing just Portuguese, put Brazilian Portuguese, because there are another countries which speak portuguese too.
Translation GeneralSmokymonkeyS   2015-11-05 17:03:05  No.234
hi, Pixel_It_Team. You are welcome to translation!
What different between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese? If not or only has a bit different, I would keep the name just "Portuguese". Because the name will easily know to available to play this game for both Portuguese and Brazilian, like as English used on many countries.
Translation GeneralSmokymonkeyS   2015-11-05 17:08:04  No.235
Jakatak, you don't need to finish all quests in game! I'll put quest texts into the each language's sheet after I finished the work for quests. It takes some more time to finishing because I've changes some quests after the Alpha.
Translation GeneralBad_Wolf  2015-11-06 03:08:33  No.236
Hi Smokymonkeys
If you open section for Turkish and Greek.
I can translate the game to Turkish and Greek
Translation GeneralSmokymonkeyS   2015-11-07 15:06:15  No.237
Hello, Bad_Wolf.
It would be great if you help us for translating Turkish and Greek! I've made two sheets to the list of this page. Thank you for your offer and help!
Translation GeneralPixel_It_Team  2015-11-08 05:59:49  No.238
Not a big diference just because it's like English when we assimilate it to US. When we read portuguese we think it's from Portugal cuz when its from brazil they put brazilian portuguese. But it totally fine :) the translation is almost finished. If need help to translate the quests we offer ourselves again
Translation GeneralPixel_It_Team  2015-11-08 13:45:30  No.239
Just wanna say that we finished Portuguese translation :)
Translation GeneralBadWolf  2015-11-10 03:17:54  No.241
Thanks for adding turkish and greek it may take 2 or 3 weeks to finish both
Translation GeneralSmokymonkeyS   2015-11-10 13:59:52  No.242
Thank you for your great work, Pixel_It_Team. It's so fast-paced work!
I will put quest texts with a new tab into the same sheet in future update, but it still takes a couple of weeks because of the quest updating. I'll tell you this on this website or email or twitter. Thank you anyway for your help!
Translation GeneralIvanMacedo  2015-11-17 03:12:59  No.246
There is a big difference in the words of Portuguese of Brazil for the Portugal, there are many words with different meanings, I recommend doing a separate file like all other games.
Translation GeneralSmokymonkeyS   2015-12-04 04:28:41  No.247
Finally the website got multiple-language selector on the right top of the main menu. I put 4 languages which already finished (or almost finished) work of the website so far. But still this is unfinished a part right now. I'm going to put needed English texts on each Google Sheets and put a link to that on this page, so it would be really nice if you translate or tell me my mistake, etc via this thread.

And thank you again you translator guys -
Tannco, Jakatak, Nuevenuevo, and Pixel It Team!
Translation GeneralPixel_It_Team  2015-12-06 11:23:00  No.249
could you guys pick our twitter? Not only mine, but from the other languages translators, that way you could contact us when you guys put some new stuff to translate and we would do faster. Mine is: @pixelit_studio
Translation GeneralSmokymonkeyS   2015-12-07 01:40:32  No.250
Yeah, thank you. ok, I will. But I don't make you guys hurry. I'm having fun to see this website grows more with multiple languages by your helps ;) Your team's work is so polite and I found some words what I forgot to marking were fixed exactly from a gamer's view. Thank you for your great work!
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