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Ithiliath 2016-10-13 00:00:56 No.1590
I'm very sorry, this is a bolt from the blue for me. I very appreciate the game. If the game development needs money, why not to open a crowdfunding account?
About suspensionFalbal  2016-10-13 01:44:12  No.1591
It is not a surprise to me. Every such game closes down at one point. I actually don't understand why people develop them in the first place.
About suspensionJakatak  2016-10-13 02:54:31  No.1592
Hi Ithiliath,

Will yoyu be able to spend time to work on a crowdfunding for Ninelives ?
About suspensionIthiliath  2016-10-13 23:17:14  No.1593
Hi, people,
open a crowdfunding account is something that has to be done by a very close person to project;
It consist in making milestones on production, develop and release of the product, and also estimating the overall budget; so mantaining the account is not a heavy burden, the heavy part is to define all the terms, the rewards, the budget and more over the others, the time for the project completion.
I suggest kickstarter, for the large number of users and fame.
A good guide is here in this post: http://mashable.com/2012/05/13/kickstarter-tips/#asyhlF.B5kqr
About suspensionJakatak  2016-10-14 05:33:10  No.1594
As far as i know, they don't want to make a crowdfunding campaign.
And i am quite close to one of the devlopper.
We habe been talking by mail since 15 years.

During the suspension i just want to try to gather people for a little team thats wants to help the game event it is suspended.

I think that a Kickstater campaing (i have already made two crowdfunding myself) should be started when there is a team ready to work with SmokyMonkeys team.


About suspensionLopesPipe  2016-10-19 00:38:11  No.1599
There are multiple crowdfunding options Kick starter, Indiegogo, Valve even has a Steam Greenlight. I personally contributed to the game, don't know what will happen to my Scarab gems.
About suspensionLOPESPIPE  2016-10-21 09:15:41  No.1600
Forgot to mention Patreon, or are these services not available in Japan?
About suspensionFootman  2016-10-21 10:08:12  No.1601
Please consider making a patreon, I think many people will gladly support
About suspensionmoodirun  2016-10-24 03:47:13  No.1603
Release the game as open source to the public and also make playable offline , solves everyones problem
About suspensionTommy  2016-10-24 22:12:07  No.1604
@moodirun Is that really a way to earn funding?
About suspensionDusan  2016-10-25 02:06:48  No.1605
pls game is awesome. You work for many years in this. Pls dont kill game. Let it rebirth and grow in open source rather than thow away
About suspensionDullahan  2016-10-28 14:36:12  No.1607
This is a real shame. This was the first RPG I played in years that really had the magic. Such an intriguing and fascinating world that really made me want to explore and uncover every mystery. Not even Bethesda games manage to achieve this anymore.

Very sad to see them suspend development.
About suspensionJakatak  2016-10-30 03:41:09  No.1609
We can make a team to help the SmokeyMonkeys team
About suspensiondud3  2016-10-30 04:28:25  No.1610
I can help with game programming, I won't change anything obviously. =)
About suspensionTommy  2016-10-30 11:15:18  No.1611
I know programming too, but we shouldn't take a part of developing this game (and monkeys definitely won't let us) because this is a 2 man indie team. If we join, it will no longer 2 man. Moreover they must not accept open source development. All we need to help is publicize the game. For instance passing game copies to your friend, posting gameplay or you can directly spend money for scarab gems. Buy more time for both monkeys and give them a chance to make a good game.
About suspensionDaegimoon  2016-10-30 20:20:37  No.1612
I'll buy a azure scarab mount and scarab gems. Because i'm gonna boost myself up and help out SmokeyMonkeyS. Also, i'm gonna publish videos of this game.
About suspensiondud3  2016-11-03 03:23:25  No.1614
@Tonny, indeed, you'r right. Btw: I meant: I won't charge* for anything...
About suspensionPhaedrus  2016-11-03 11:34:37  No.1615
Echoing the sentiments here. You absolutely need to look into a crowdfunding platform. Nearly everyone here and a whole slew of new people would be excited to contribute. I know I'd be honored to be able to get the wheels moving again.
Ninelives is a project I think about on a day to day basis. Excited to see the finished world and enjoy an epic adventure throughout. What you have here is too special and aesthetically unique to let go of.
About suspensionmoodirun  2016-11-07 11:21:09  No.1616
@Tommy well shutting down or suspending isnt gonna make funding either. so like said if gets to point where its going to shut down either alter and make playable offline or just release as open source for community to complete and make changes
About suspensionnueve  2016-11-09 03:04:55  No.1620
suspending gives them time to get funding by other means, like making android games for example, they don´t have to give up completely
About suspensionMarcin  2017-01-31 09:02:47  No.1633
Ok they suspended.If they look for New people or something , they should update us with the information.
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